Dr. Julianna Hynes

Leadership Development Strategist, Coach & Author

Julianna Hynes, Ph.D

Dr. Julianna Hynes is a global leadership development and advancement strategist, coach, facilitator, and author. She is known for her expertise in women’s leadership

About Dr. Hynes

Dr. Hynes effectively helps her clients shift from autopilot to a more purposeful and deliberate mindset, enabling them to build confidence, develop relevant leadership skills, become more professionally savvy and strategic, and position themselves for further advancement.

In her first job out of college, Dr. Hynes worked in a white-male-dominated organization. Being a driven, young, Black woman and recently divorced single mother in an assistant role was challenging enough. Working with leaders who led by command and control and fear and intimidation proved to be a daily struggle.

Although ambitious, Dr. Hynes found that having a degree and working hard wasn’t enough to be seen and promoted. There were obscure barriers and uncommonly known strategies to getting ahead.

These early career experiences fueled Dr. Hynes’s passion for helping leaders develop their people and excel in their roles, as well as helping aspiring women leaders learn the tools and strategies to get ahead.

Dr. Hynes earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and focused her dissertation on successful Black women executives. She learned that having professional savvy, being a continuous learner, garnering the right support and accountability, and drafting and executing an actionable and measurable plan was the secret to advancement for any leader.

In her latest book, Leading on Purpose: The Black Woman’s Guide to Shattering the Glass Ceiling, Dr. Hynes springboards off the lessons learned in her research and shares the principles, insights, and strategies needed to thrive professionally. This book is for any woman who is committed to her career and those who support the careers of others.

Dr. Hynes enjoys working with diverse professionals at various points of their career journeys, from high-performing individual contributors to first-time executives. She coaches clients to develop critical skills needed to perform in their roles,  develop their teams, build confidence, and shift mindsets.

Dr. Hynes’ clients have reported significant results such as:

    • Increased individual and team engagement and performance
    • More effective communication with stakeholders at multiple levels
    • Improved delegation and strategic thinking skills
    • Stronger collaborative and professional relationships that lead to a greater ability to influence
    • Positioning for roles with larger scope and responsibilities
    • Demonstrating more executive presence as a result of building their confidence

Dr. Hynes has successfully integrated her passion, expertise, strengths, experience, drive, and ability to achieve countless personal and professional goals into an experience for her clients that result in them feeling more engaged, empowered, confident, and seen as more effective leaders.

Representative engagements include:

    • A high-potential operations leader at a healthcare organization transitioned into an executive role and wanted to develop her executive presence and establish a more senior-level brand. Coaching resulted in a more substantial, observable presence, increased confidence of the leader, and another promotion after being in position for 12 months.
    • A director of R&D at a technology company was taking on a larger team, and he wanted to learn how to be more strategic and less “in the weeds.” Coaching resulted in a higher-performing team and a promotion for the leader with a broader scope of work and responsibilities.
    • An SVP of R&D at a life sciences company wanted to communicate more effectively his internal customers. Coaching resulted in better, more collaborative relationships for the leader and his team, which led to higher productivity.

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Dr. Hynes has worked with leaders at all levels in industries such as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Technology.

Her clients report amazing results, including:

    • Increased individual and team performance in achieving organizational goals
    • More effective communication with stakeholders throughout the organization
    • Improve delegation and strategic thinking skills
    • Better collaborative relationships
    • Stronger professional relationships that increases influence
    • Positioning for roles with larger scope and responsibilities
    • Demonstrating more executive presence as a result of building their confidence 

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