Dr. Julianna Hynes

Leadership Development Strategist, Coach & Author

Julianna Hynes, Ph.D

Dr. Julianna Hynes is a global leadership development and advancement strategist, coach, facilitator, and author. She is known for her expertise in women’s leadership

About Dr. Hynes

Dr. Hynes effectively helps her clients shift from autopilot to a more purposeful and deliberate mindset, enabling them to build confidence, develop relevant leadership skills, become more professionally savvy and strategic, and position themselves for further advancement.

In her first job out of college, Dr. Hynes worked in a white-male-dominated organization. Being a driven, young, Black woman and recently divorced single mother in an assistant role was challenging enough. Working with leaders who led by command and control and fear and intimidation proved to be a daily struggle.

Although ambitious, Dr. Hynes found that having a degree and working hard wasn’t enough to be seen and promoted. There were obscure barriers and uncommonly known strategies to getting ahead.

These early career experiences fueled Dr. Hynes’s passion for helping leaders develop their people and excel in their roles, as well as helping aspiring women leaders learn the tools and strategies to get ahead.

Dr. Hynes earned her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and focused her dissertation on successful Black women executives. She learned that having professional savvy, being a continuous learner, garnering the right support and accountability, and drafting and executing an actionable and measurable plan was the secret to advancement for any leader.

In her latest book, Leading on Purpose: The Black Woman’s Guide to Shattering the Glass Ceiling, Dr. Hynes springboards off the lessons learned in her research and shares the principles, insights, and strategies needed to thrive professionally. This book is for any woman who is committed to her career and those who support the careers of others.

Dr. Hynes enjoys working with diverse professionals at various points of their career journeys, from high-performing individual contributors to first-time executives. She coaches clients to develop critical skills needed to perform in their roles,  develop their teams, build confidence, and shift mindsets.

Dr. Hynes’ clients have reported significant results such as:

    • Increased individual and team engagement and performance
    • More effective communication with stakeholders at multiple levels
    • Improved delegation and strategic thinking skills
    • Stronger collaborative and professional relationships that lead to a greater ability to influence
    • Positioning for roles with larger scope and responsibilities
    • Demonstrating more executive presence as a result of building their confidence

Dr. Hynes has successfully integrated her passion, expertise, strengths, experience, drive, and ability to achieve countless personal and professional goals into an experience for her clients that result in them feeling more engaged, empowered, confident, and seen as more effective leaders.

Representative engagements include:

    • A high-potential operations leader at a healthcare organization transitioned into an executive role and wanted to develop her executive presence and establish a more senior-level brand. Coaching resulted in a more substantial, observable presence, increased confidence of the leader, and another promotion after being in position for 12 months.
    • A director of R&D at a technology company was taking on a larger team, and he wanted to learn how to be more strategic and less “in the weeds.” Coaching resulted in a higher-performing team and a promotion for the leader with a broader scope of work and responsibilities.
    • An SVP of R&D at a life sciences company wanted to communicate more effectively his internal customers. Coaching resulted in better, more collaborative relationships for the leader and his team, which led to higher productivity.

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Dr. Hynes has worked with leaders at all levels in industries such as Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Technology.

Her clients report amazing results, including:

    • Increased individual and team performance in achieving organizational goals
    • More effective communication with stakeholders throughout the organization
    • Improve delegation and strategic thinking skills
    • Better collaborative relationships
    • Stronger professional relationships that increases influence
    • Positioning for roles with larger scope and responsibilities
    • Demonstrating more executive presence as a result of building their confidence 

What Others Are Saying

"Dr. Julianna is a talented coach and consultant. Her ideas are fresh and she adds a great deal to any team. She is personable and forthright, giving generously to her clients."

Bonnie Maitlen, Ed.D

“Dr. Julianna has been a God-send. She’s not only been instrumental in guiding my career, but she’s also served as a mentor for my personal and spiritual journey. She’s extremely knowledgeable, kind, and honest.”

Daniell Savage

“Dr. Julianna’s coaching was invaluable in helping me to identify and action the necessary steps to help take my career to the next level. I appreciated her thoughtful candor and approach to helping me examine myself and my goals and prepare for crucial conversations at work. I consider her a trusted advisor and highly recommend her as a coach.”

Dr. Gervetti Lockett

“Dr. Julianna epitomizes intuition, creativity, and listening skills which help to formulate concrete strategies unique to her clients and result in meeting and exceeding. She is a trusted advisor, and I recommend her unequivocally.”

Raoul McDuff, JD

“Dr. Hynes facilitated leadership development classes for our business school and our College of Business program at San Francisco State University. She and her associates have coached our Fellows and helped them prepare for their careers beyond their academic education. Dr. Hynes has demonstrated great knowledge of leadership principles that have kept students engaged in her classes. Her coaching has helped them identify career opportunities. She has a way about her that is personable yet professional. My team and I have very much enjoyed partnering with Dr. Hynes.”

Orlando Harris

"Dr. Julianna is a talented coach and consultant. Her ideas are fresh and she adds a great deal to any team. She is personable and forthright, giving generously to her clients."

Bonnie Maitlen, Ed.D

"I really enjoyed meeting Julianna! She asked great questions to begin to help me name my vision for the future. I felt very comfortable telling her about my past and present."

"Julianna was awesome. Despite my scatterbrained approach 🙂 - the next steps will help me find some structure around my thoughts."

"Very insightful and helpful in expanding my view to more of a strategic one versus staying in the details."

Landit Clients

My experience with Julianna was amazing and this is really an understatement. I have achieved great results because she kept me in action and outcome-focused. What I appreciated most about Julianna is she really forced me to take a hard look at my behaviors and what I wanted to achieve as a leader. She terms it, “your legacy.” This really shifted my focus from the challenges I perceived I was having to the value I wanted to provide to my team and org. Then the work began to change body language, communication approach, listening style, breathing. I can say I am now comfortable and positive about being a leader. Julianna is a true partner in the leadership development journey. My peers and now asking for coaching because of my new swag. My manager and his peers have great feedback regarding my development and position as one of the “strongest leaders” at my level. My team has grown from 7 to 50 (over 600%) and I’m more effective. Julianna is not just an executive coach but a life coach.

Barbara Simmons, KP

“Julianna is a tremendous coach and ally. Full of deep insight and infinite patience; guiding you to find the answers that already reside within. I am truly grateful to have worked with her and humbled by her ability to draw out the most authentic version of one's self.

Management is a skill. Something that requires training and demands commitment. Without coaching, managers are left to fumble their way through. The negative impact on them, their team, and their partners are imminent. And conversely, with training, the positive impact is deeply felt through every layer.

Julianna and I worked together from January - August 2020. And in that short time, I've been able to clear roadblocks that were previously immovable — such as mending tricky internal relationships, rehabilitating under-performers, and effectively managing up. Being able to tackle these challenges has made a huge material impact on the work, across my team, and in myself as a person.

Armed with the insights gained from working with Julianna, I was able to transform my rag-tag group of creatives into an award-winning crew; racking up recognition from multiple award bodies across several categories and for multiple projects. I also have greater confidence and know-how in managing the highly-nuanced relationships across leadership and our studio, which has, in turn, created essential space for myself and my team allowing us to elevate to an award-winning level.”

Lisa (Apple)

“Recently I had the honor of working with Dr. Julianna Hynes and here are some words that come to mind:





And I can go on and on but the bottom line is after working with her she has enriched my personnel life as well as my professional career as well. You can’t go working with her!”

Reginald Saunders

“Working with Dr. Hynes has allowed me to keep things in perspective.  I am now able to see things in their proper relation/proportion to everything else which has improved relationships with my colleagues.”

Alicia Kalamas, MD

"Julianna is amazing. She helped with having crucial conversations and I was able to run my presentation by her because I struggle with public speaking. She gave me some excellent pointers. She made me feel very comfortable."

Tameka McGhee

"Julianna provides a supportive style and just the right questions that helped me see where I limit myself. She was able to relate to a lot of different personalities with her warmth and understanding."

Yolanda Canny, John Muir Health

Director, Marketing,

"Thank you for all of the work we’ve done together! Your coaching was direct and uplifting, helping me outline a path to my goals and keeping me on track to achieve them. I leverage the tools I learned daily, leading my team and product in ways I could not before."

David (Apple)

“Dr. Julianna Hynes is the very epitome of coaching. With her calm and effective manner, she is passionate about assisting her clients in obtaining their goals and reaching their full potential. Dr. Hynes has made it her goal to equip herself with the tools to effectively serve others. I am honored to have experienced the powerful coaching skills of Dr. Hynes. In a word BRILLIANT!!”

Cheryl Eastman

“The two phrases that come to mind to describe Dr. Hynes and her coaching are engaging and thought-provoking!”

Kathy Wallace

“Dr. Hynes is a brilliant coach who brings together important aspects of professionalism and empowerment to assist individuals in the facilitation of changes necessary to positively impact the organizations they serve in prolifically!”

Monique Tarver

“Dr. Julianna Hynes is a phenomenal leadership coach. Using her skills and experience, she collaborates and consults with you as you seek guidance in your professional development and transition to the next level.”

Melanie McCants

“Dr. Julianna has mastered the art of being strategically tactical. She has a rare mix of business savvy and personal investment in her clients. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again!”

Roderick Jefferson,

Sales Enablement

“During a time in my life when I came to a crossroad regarding a difficult professional decision, Dr. Julianna helped me to think clearly and organize my thoughts through her probing questions. In my sessions with her, I was able to re-evaluate what was important to me to make the correct decision. The tools she used to get me to the point of that decision are invaluable and were life-changing.”

Felicia Permillion

You can depend on Julianna Hynes & Associates to help you develop your leadership skills to get to the next level in your career:

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EXPERIENCED – Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of clients who put their trust in us year after year.

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