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When you invest in your people, you invest in your future. With experience in leadership development, advancement shows that focusing on doing business the human way builds sustainable organizations. Focusing on and investing in your people produces the highest caliber leaders who deliver results in productivity, growth, agility,  engagement, retention, and more. High-Potential employees at every level of your organization can change the trajectory of the business long-term.

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Managing challenges in leadership development

Many leadership development programs lack implementation.

We do things differently.

Leadership development concepts and ideas taught in conjunction with experiential learning, or learning by doing, allows leaders to turn teaching moments into actionable, actual behavior. At Julianna Hynes and Associates, we connect content and applications in leadership development training so leaders walk away with the learning required to retain, implement, and sustain knowledge and behaviors learned after the training is complete. Every Julianna Hynes and Associates leadership training – live or virtual – incorporates outstanding content with relevant, actionable, and repeatable experiences so your organization’s leadership can meet the challenges facing them daily in today’s ever-changing work environment.

What our clients say

“Traditionally, with management training, many solutions are confining and cookie cutter. Julianna Hynes and Associates training is versatile and pertinent to all roles in an organization. You can immediately apply what you learn and drive real results. Our teams have become more engaged, productive and eager to resolve issues before they escalate.”

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson Senior Manager Training, Development, & Recruiting, Cincinnati Bell

How customized leadership development training from Julianna Hynes and Associates, inc. can help

Julianna Hynes and Associates Leadership Development Training delivers leader transformation for your organization through experiential learning, emphasis on real-life issues, proactive practice, as well as ongoing commitment and support to your organization. Julianna Hynes and Associates is committed to delivering leadership development training that endures, sustaining well-developed leadership behaviors which make a positive impact on your business.

Program benefits

Delivery of return on investment (ROI) in productivity, growth, agility, progress engagement, retention, and more.

Quality content in an immersive setting.

Leaders walk away with the learning required to retain, implement, and sustain knowledge and behaviors learned after the training is complete.

Relevant, actionable, and repeatable experiences your organization’s leadership needs to meet the challenges facing them daily.

Practical skills and repeatable actions ready to apply and produce change at the deepest levels.

Leader transformation for your organization through experiential learning, with emphasis on real-life issues and proactive practice.

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Additional leadership development training resources

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