Post: Play to Win!

Play to Win!

My daughter, Joi, a high school senior, is an aspiring entrepreneur. She’s been talking about having her own business in the beauty industry since she could talk. She’s drafted a business plan, conducted some research, and is thinking about what’s the next step beyond high school.

Since her graduation date will be here sooner than we know it, I told her it’s time to get serious about implementing her plan. As my Pastor says, “don’t just talk about it, be about it!”

Once she decided to be about it, she asked me to coach her. Since we’ve been working together, she’s gotten clearer on her vision and has put together an actionable plan.

This past week she began implementing her plan by sending her application for a Fictitious Business Name off to the County Recorder.

I’m so proud of her! At 16, my mindset was nowhere near where hers is.

Working with Joi reminded me of a class I took once. The facilitator asked the question, in life, are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose? In this context, winning and losing are not about competing against someone else; they’re about being all that God created you to be. 

When we’re playing to win, we’re in action and making bold moves, even when they’re scary. It requires courage. When we play not to lose, we stay in our comfort zones doing just enough.

By sending that application off, Joi took her first step outside of her comfort zone into the unknown, risky world of entrepreneurship. Her bold move inspired me to reflect on the work I am doing and where I could stretch myself, even more, to “win.”

So, what about you? Are you playing to win?

  • What have you been talking about but not being about as it relates to your goals?
  • When’s the last time you challenged yourself to get out of your comfort zone?
  • What is one actionable step you can take this week to get you closer to what you say you want?

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