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Building a Strong Support System for Black Women Executives

As women of color, Black women have faced countless obstacles to leadership and decision-making roles in their respective fields, including navigating systemic discrimination and microaggressions. One of the critical factors that can make all the difference in enhancing professional development and growth is building a solid support system of allies, mentors, sponsors, coaches, and managers. […]

Leading Diverse High-Performance Teams: Strategies for Achieving Optimal Results

As a Black female leader, leading high-performance teams is both an opportunity and a challenge. Building and maintaining effective teams that reflect and celebrate diversity while achieving peak results requires intentional effort and strategies. This article will cover what makes a high-performance team, why it’s crucial for Black female leaders, and strategies for achieving optimal […]

Unlocking Your True Potential as a Leader: What Does It Mean to Be Authentic?

Leadership is a complex and multi-faceted concept that often needs to be better understood. Authentic leadership is a particular leadership style based on honesty, integrity, and self-awareness principles. In this article, we’ll explore what it means to be an authentic leader, the benefits of authentic leadership, and how you can unlock your true potential as […]

7 Keys to Advancement – The SASSy Model

Mastermind for black women Leaders

There are four key strategies to career advancement. They are: In order to get where you want to go, you have to be SASSy. Since publishing my latest book, Leading On Purpose: The Black Woman’s Guide To Shattering The Glass Ceiling, I’ve had opportunities to speak to different groups about the ideas I share in the […]