Post: Finish Strong in 2023!

Finish Strong in 2023!

“Finish Strong!” What does it mean to finish strong?

You usually hear it at the end of a pursuit like a race, a game, or a goal, and it’s often encouraged by a coach, mentor, or friend when you’ve already given most, if not all, of what you think you’ve got. But what does finishing strong look like?

As we come to the close of the year and I begin thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas plans, when the kids will be out of school, and I plan to take some much-needed (and deserved, I might add) time off, there’s nothing I’d like more than to cruise to the end of 2023 rather than continuing to push.

However, when I began to think about “finishing strong,” the driver and achiever in me were stirred up to give just a little more, to write one more article (this one), and to get ready for the coming year. So, I thought I’d give you a few action items so we can all finish strong together.

  • What goals have you yet to achieve this year? Is there time to still accomplish, if not the entire goal, portions of it? Can you break it down into smaller parts that you can focus on over the final few weeks of the year? For example, are there five more pounds you can lose before you fill up on holiday goodies? I know, what’s the point, right? But if you can finish this goal, you might be motivated to maintain your weight loss through the end of the year. How great would it be to start 2024 off without those additional pounds we often pack on? Or is there a project at work you can complete before the year’s end? Sure, it could probably wait until 2024, but why put it off?
  • Can you do it now instead of waiting until December or New Year’s Eve to set your yearly goals? Yes, right now (well, after you read this article). Carve out some time to think, dream, strategize, and plan. Don’t wait. Have fun with it. Grab some friends, have a vision board party, schedule time with a coach, and get inspired!   
  • Can you get started on even one of your 2024 goals this year? Instead of waiting until January, which is often an arbitrary point in time anyway (every day can be a new beginning if we choose it to be), why not research schools, read a leadership book, or sign up for a class now?
  • Answer this question: I would feel like I’m finishing strong this year if I could_________. Make this statement realistic and achievable. Identify what’s held you back (it usually has to do with procrastination if it’s a real and attainable goal), and then pull the trigger and do it! Don’t wait. Choose someone to be an accountability partner. Support one another in finishing strong.

Like I said, there’s nothing I’d like more than to cruise into 2024 and ramp back up in January. But there’s something more powerful about finishing the year as strong, if not stronger than I began it. And for those who like a good challenge, I dare you to finish strong, too. You’ll be pleased with the outcome – I guarantee it!

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