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The Perfect Elevator Pitch: Mastering the Art of Concise Communication

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with a client about finding a new role within her company. She has been in her role for four years, so she wants new challenges and to bring her gifts and talents to another part of her organization. We examined her strengths and weaknesses, the parts of her […]

Leading to Inspire: Mastering Coaching Strategies for Leadership Excellence – Part 2

Have you ever shared a complex problem with a friend or colleague, hoping they’d tell you how to solve it and put you out of your misery? Many of my clients come to sessions sharing leadership issues they cannot resolve on their own. They describe the situation, pause, and wait for me to give them […]

Mastering the Art of Self-Promotion: A Guide for Women in the Workplace

In a webinar I facilitated yesterday, a pivotal question arose that sparked an insightful discussion: How can women effectively showcase their accomplishments and those of their teams within an organization? Many of us hesitate to share our successes, fearing it may come across as boastful or arrogant. Yet, ensuring our achievements are known is crucial, […]

14 Ways Black Female Executives Can Address Microaggressions In The Workplace

Strategies for Black Female Executives to Address Microaggressions in the Workplace

Combatting racial microaggressions at work for Black female executives may involve specific challenges and strategies tailored to their unique position in the organization.  Here are some steps that can help combat racial microaggressions for Black female executives: Remember that change often takes time, and persistence is critical. By using your position and influence, you can […]

Strategic Planning for Career Success

Get the insights and advice needed to develop an actionable career plan that aligns with your aspirations. Learn how strategic planning can help maximize your professional growth, no matter what stage of executive development you are in.

Building a Strong Support System for Black Women Executives

As women of color, Black women have faced countless obstacles to leadership and decision-making roles in their respective fields, including navigating systemic discrimination and microaggressions. One of the critical factors that can make all the difference in enhancing professional development and growth is building a solid support system of allies, mentors, sponsors, coaches, and managers. […]

3 Keys to Elevating Your Career

There are three crucial components to elevating your career: While some strategies are more general and apply to successful development for any leader, such as building your network or having a mentor, there are nuances to being a Black Woman that many leadership programs do not highlight, and they are rarely taught or shared professionally. Ensuring you […]

Building Confidence & Executive Presence for Black Female Leaders

Developing confidence and executive presence can be a challenging task for Black female leaders. To take control of your leadership journey, it’s important to build the right skills and strategies that will help you feel confident in yourself, your team, and the decisions you make. Here are some tips for building confidence and presence: 1. Define […]

Power Up: Unlock Your Networking Potential

Building a network involves creating and nurturing relationships with people who can provide support, guidance, and opportunities in your personal and professional life. Here are some steps that can help you build your network: Identify your goals: What do you want to achieve, and who can help you get there? Make a list of the people […]